Key Figures Behind America’s Consumer Debt

Debt remains an enormous issue for Americans. The recession that struck 15 years ago threw millions out of work and destroyed nest eggs, and after a recovery had things looking much brighter – consumer debt leveled and even slightly dipped from 2008 to 2012 – the COVID pandemic threw sand into the economy’s gears. Many [...]

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Pasaulio skola auga precedento neturinčiu greičiu

Per pirmus devynis šių metų mėnesius pasaulio skolų apimtis augo precedento neturinčiu greičiu, vyriausybėms ir įmonėms griebiantis skolinimosi koronaviruso sukeltos krizės akivaizdoje, rodo Tarptautinio finansų instituto (IIF) ataskaita. Bendrasis pasaulio įsiskolinimo lygis šiemet išaugo 15 trln. USD. Metų pabaigoje pasaulio skolos gali viršyti 277 trln. USD, prognozuoja IIF, kurį cituoja „Financial Times“. Manoma, kad bendra skola iki [...]

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Debt Collection in the United States

A Brief Guide for the International Community As the volume of exports from foreign countries to the United Stated grows, so does the need for better understanding by the international creditor of the laws of the United States pertaining to credit control, debt collection, and litigation procedures. Credit Control In the United States there is [...]

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World’s $281 Trillion Debt Pile Is Set to Rise Again in 2021

The world has never been more indebted after a year of battling Covid-19. And there’s even more borrowing ahead. Governments, companies and households raised $24 trillion last year to offset the pandemic’s economic toll, bringing the global debt total to an all-time high of $281 trillion by the end of 2020, or more than 355% [...]

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